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Mob instigation

"Mob instigation" Continued...

The calls of Mr. Bakri and other radical Islamic leaders to "kill those who insult the prophet Muhammed" are not so much angry pleas for justice as elaborate coverings to avoid it. They come at a time when lawmakers in the United States, Britain, and across the European Union are in inner turmoil over how to crack down on the terror food chain without destroying everyone else's freedom. The cartoons stirred low-boil boycotts and urban legends until Mr. Bakri and others hand-cranked the jihadist rhetoric machinery last week, seeking to distract authorities in the West from forward motion on new counter-terrorism drives, meaning to invoke sympathy in place of continuing surveillance of known suspects. The Bakris of the Islamic world would rather impose mob rule on their own people than self-government. They would rather incite anger with murderous edicts against pacifistic Danish artists than have the mob fully to confront the oppression and impoverishment and violence it has suffered at the hands of its own leaders.


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