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Issue: "What women want," Jan. 21, 2006

Sound off

In his review of The Sound of Music ("Making old favorites new again," Dec. 17), Andrew Coffin called it "perhaps cornball at times." I do not think this is a fair criticism. Compared to the mostly trashy movies these days, The Sound of Music stands out as a shining light.
-Molly Gehring, 17; Marietta, Ga.

Always guilt-free

I, like many other careful shoppers, like Wal-Mart's wide variety and low prices but have felt a bit guilty for patronizing this store ("Steward's helper," Dec. 17). This is the first positive article I've ever read about Wal-Mart. Of course, Wal-Mart isn't an organization of saints, but neither is it the villainous threat to small towns and free enterprise many are led to believe it is. Thanks for an interesting and informative article. I can now shop without guilt and maybe even answer some of the disinformation.
-Anne Johnson; Newport, Ore.

Political capital

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Your three political cartoons in the Dec. 17 issue are worth 3 billion words (Quotables & 'toons). Thank you for standing up for our great president George W. Bush, his policies in Iraq, and the war on terror.
-Marilyn Braley; Houston, Texas

Funding atrocities

Why are American and British news media largely silent when Ethiopians are being massacred ("One-party rule a tough habit to break," Dec. 10)? All the people of Ethiopia want is for their votes to be respected. No one is asking for intervention; we are asking for condemnation of the regime and that the West stop funding the atrocities.
-Diana K. Mariam; Carrollton, Texas


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