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Issue: "Daniel of the Year," Dec. 17, 2005

New Tribes Mission went before the supreme court in Venezuela Dec. 6, seeking to annul a Nov. 14 order giving the mission organization 90 days to leave the tribal areas.

STUDENT LIFE Campus organization Atheist Agency at the University of Texas at San Antonio is offering students some trade: The group will exchange their Bibles for pornography. Witty atheistic collegians deserve credit for their sense of humor, but perhaps the evil deed can be turned for good-if it causes students to dust off that Bible and wonder which is more important in their lives.

CROATIA Authorities arrested the third-most-wanted war criminal from the Balkan wars, Croatian Gen. Ante Gotovina. Accused of killing 150 Serb civilians in 1995, the 50-year-old outlaw has been sought by a UN tribunal for nearly a decade, along with former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic and his military commander, Ratko Mladic, who remain at large.

HIGHER EDUCATION University of Kansas professor Paul Mirecki stepped down as chairman of the religious studies department last week, after being urged to do so by colleagues. Mr. Mirecki had stirred controversy by writing on an internet discussion board that a class he was starting on Intelligent Design would "be a nice slap" in the "big fat face" of fundamentalists. He had also, two days before stepping down, told police that two men in a rural area south of Lawrence, Kan., had referred to the controversy as they physically attacked him.


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