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Issue: "Comfort and joy," Dec. 24, 2005

I would have voted to approve drilling in ANWR. However, I wonder if the United States should focus on becoming truly energy independent. Wouldn't it be great to defund the Saudis and Hugo Chavez? Nuclear technology has progressed so that it is much safer and wind is another source of renewable energy. All it takes is a national commitment to change.
-Randall Van Meter; New Brighton, Minn.

Play or go

People complaining that their Christian curriculum is not being accepted by the University of California system need to realize that they cannot have it both ways ("Strange standards," Nov. 26). Parents send their kids to Christian schools to avoid liberal indoctrination-why are they surprised that a liberal college system would not accept Christian textbooks? Why would parents place their children in a collegiate environment that is openly hostile to Christianity? Parents of students in Christian schools have two choices: Send their children to a Christian university or "play the game" and do what is asked to enroll them in a very competitive, non-Christian, secular university.
-Mike Keene; Alpine, Calif.

Worth it

The check I sent to renew my subscription was repaid the moment I read Andree Seu's column, "Andree's aphorisms" (Nov. 19).
-Don Gleason; Covina, Calif.

Going there

Regarding "Ban the culture" (Nov. 19): Each time a decision maker chooses not to purchase a book through the years, he or she is essentially banning it. In my career as a librarian, I observed repeatedly that the same professionals who wave the banner of intellectual freedom make choices within the confines of their budgets that in effect negate that very freedom.

-Patricia Smart; Sun Valley, Calif.

"Ban the culture" resonated with me because of my studies of Russian language and literature in college. The phenomenon that Mr. Veith described occurred in Russia nearly 100 years ago. To support Communism, it became necessary to refute things Christian, yet virtually all of the great Russian authors, such as Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Pasternak, had Christian themes. It is unfortunate that we are headed in the same direction.
-Jim Archer; Houston, Texas


President Bush delivered his speech encouraging China to follow Taiwan's example of governance in Kyoto, Japan (The Buzz, Nov. 26, p. 7).


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