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Issue: "Daniel of the Year," Dec. 17, 2005

To be fair

Regarding the opposition to a school reading program involving books with Christian themes ("Ban the culture," Nov. 19): They can't just ban books with Christian themes, then. To be fair, they can't have books about any religion, from Judaism to witchcraft, not just Christianity. How far are they willing to take this nonsense?
-Theresa Larsen; Hammond, Wis.

No protection

Patrick's story of being abducted to become a child soldier in the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda is horrific ("Child soldiers," Nov. 12). I would also ask, why were the children of the north not properly protected? The dreadful camps that were one-stop shopping for the LRA (food, recruits, medicine) were never adequately protected, nor when the government would not or could not protect the camps did the Museveni government call for outside help. The goal of the Museveni regime has never been to protect the children or prevent their abduction, but to defeat the "commanders" of the LRA.
-Carolyn Edson; Ottawa, Ontario

Having spent a week in Uganda in October, I can only concur with the sense of hopelessness there. We took the "night walkers" trek to the safe places in Gulu where children could sleep without fear of abduction. It was heartbreaking. Chapter 2 of this real-life horror story may be in the country's "internally displaced people" camps, with the need for treatment centers for these kids and their children. If ever the world needed to know of a situation where children have been so brutalized, it is here.
-Tom Criswell; Grants Pass, Ore.

Go ahead

I have a positive view of church closings ("Locked from the inside," Oct. 29). The Body of Christ is not a building but people. If there are no people, the closing of a building does not close the church because the church has simply moved to a different meeting place. Being in the military and finding a new church every three to four years has enabled me to recognize that God is worshipped in a vast multitude of ways.
-Col. John Ekstrand; APO, AE


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