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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Narnia unleashed," Dec. 10, 2005

I regretfully no longer trust your magazine because of some of your advertising. You are enabling the great falling away. Please cancel our subscription.
-Claudia Chapman; Paradise, Calif.

Wonderful witness

Thank you so much for the wonderful tribute to Rosa Parks ("Agent of change," Nov. 5). I did not know of her background and deep faith. Clearly, she did what she did in the strength and guidance of the Lord, and to His glory, not her own. Her lifelong, faithful service is a wonderful witness of what it means to take God and His Word seriously.
-Sarah Szymanski; Nashua, N.H.

Do something

Regarding your cover story about illegal immigration, "Standing in the gap" (Nov. 5): Can you appreciate the frustration these landowners must suffer? Waiting on the government to do the job has proved futile. Presidents Clinton and Bush have avoided the issue, but something should be done to safeguard this nation's borders.
-Jim Payne; Yorkville, Tenn.

Stand and watch

I am 16 and love movies, which is what attracted me to "Viewers with a viewpoint" (Nov. 5). I agree that boycotting is ineffective, and I think it is important for Christians to take a stand in the movies they watch. Of this year's movie theater fare, which for me included Cinderella Man, the most recent episode of Star Wars, Batman, The Island, War of the Worlds, Serenity, and Dreamer, only the last is a movie I would freely recommend.
-MaryKathryn Wiley; Hamilton, Ga.


Paul Tergat of Kenya holds the world record in the marathon of 2:04:55 (Quotables, Nov. 19).


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