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Issue: "Into the light," Dec. 3, 2005

Wrong lord?

I was amazed that Dick Staub's assertion, that the "Lord of the Rings" in Tolkien's books is not Sauron but the God of the Bible, went unchallenged ("Beyond the Force," Nov. 5). Did I miss the meeting? Has mainstream Christianity decided this question while I was asleep at the wheel?
-David McMeans; Dayton, Ohio


Regarding Marvin Olasky's review of books on witchcraft ("Navigating strange lands," Nov. 5): I grew up in an agnostic household and loved Halloween and all the occult stuff, too. Now, as a Christian, I want to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead, not His enemy reveling in death.
-Shannon West; Edmonds, Wash.


"Blood hunters" (Oct. 29), about the use of DDT for controlling malaria, was disturbing. We still cling to the utopian belief that we can generate perfect solutions for the problems we face. As a result, millions die from malaria while we withhold DDT. We were wrong to abandon Africa to malaria, even if all Rachel Carson's claims about DDT had been true. A proper view of risks and benefits would have sided with DDT utilization until a better alternative was found. To be the good stewards God calls us to be, we must accept that our best solutions will be imperfect.
-Clarke McIntosh; Asheville, N.C.

The sad division

Andree Seu's contribution to the "worship wars" ("Strike up the lyre," Oct. 22) highlighted well the sad division of the church on the very thing that ought to unite us-the worship of God. The tension she expressed over conflicting worship materials betrayed the woeful man-centered attitude today's church has regarding God's praise. Instead of debating whether our worship songs and music are "contemporary" or "traditional," perhaps we ought to ask, "Are they biblical?"
-David Whitla; Indianapolis, Ind.


Mercy Corps delivered 16,000 pounds of corn meal to a district in Guatemala ("Forecast: accumulating exhaustion," Nov. 5).


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