David Schoenbrod

"David Schoenbrod" Continued...

Issue: "Narnia unleashed," Dec. 10, 2005

WORLD You describe the political benefits the current system holds for members of Congress. (They can appear to help the environment while blaming the EPA for the cost of environmental protection.) What will it take to persuade Congress to give up something so politically helpful?

SCHOENBROD The great majority of ordinary Americans (68 percent) tell pollsters that the public does not care enough about the environment. Think about it. Most people think most people don't care enough about the environment. We do care enough. The problem is that we have been convinced we don't. Once we get that sorted out, voters will come to understand that Congress has designed a system that is perfect for its members and bad for us. Then, its members will feel the heat and change the system to suit our needs rather than their ambitions.


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