More than a game

"More than a game" Continued...

Issue: "Rita: After the storms," Oct. 8, 2005

Maybe youth violence-and youth love of media violence-are merely symptoms of a deeper cultural sickness.

Psychologist Bill Maier of Focus on the Family says cultural moral relativism is part of the problem, with children taught that there are no absolute standards "learning their moral values from 50 Cent or Eminem or MTV or Grand Theft Auto." According to the Barna Group, 83 percent of teens said moral truth depends on the circumstances, and only 6 percent said moral truth is absolute. With the Bible teaching that all of us naturally love sin, those who grow up without firm higher standards tend to go lower.

Daniel Weiss, media and sexuality analyst for Focus on the Family, says parents and teachers need to reach VVGs with "an alternative vision of what it means to be human," a vision that reaffirms the truths that humans aren't targets, pornography is not entertainment, and life, with all the worth and beauty God meant it to have, is not a video game.


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