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Issue: "Miers doesn't fit the mold," Oct. 15, 2005

Professing wisdom

"Faithful and true?" (Sept. 10) was very timely. My youngest is a freshman at a college that claims to be "intentionally Christian." She was soon telling us about her Bible professor who argued that the Bible was not to be taken literally and that it was historically and scientifically inaccurate and full of contradictions. When my daughter met with the professor in his office to discuss her beliefs, she was told that she had "blinders" on and that she had to think beyond the teachings of her "mommy." Fortunately, other students say that not all of the professors are like this one.
-Duane Wilmot; Lawrenceville, Ga.

The presidents of Christian colleges face a situation similar to that of many pastors. Some congregations and denominations persecute and dismiss pastors with a biblical worldview. Ministry leaders have to resist the temptation to fear men instead of honoring God and being true to His Word.
-Mie McCaffrey; Butte, Mont.

I am a junior in high school beginning to look at colleges. Even though my parents attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison, I am not looking at any major liberal colleges because of the issues raised in "Free to agree" (Sept. 10). I want to study where there is diversity of thought and freedom of expression is encouraged.
-Matthew Benjamin; Clinton Twp., Mich.


There are always strings once the government gets involved and homeschooling parents should resist any "help" our government is willing to offer ("Here come the strings," Sept. 3).
-Rachel Robbins; Round Rock, Texas


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