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Issue: "Salting Hollywood," Sept. 3, 2005

It's easy to be green at someone else's expense. The litany of global-warming warnings obscures the facts of global warming and the need to curb harmful emissions with distortions, hype, and outright lies. How sad that Christians abandon the Great Commission to take up the cause of a radical, inconsistent, and very corrupt movement.
-Allen Brooks; Sheridan, Wyo.

Worthy inclusions

The addition of the "Money" column to WORLD is more than a worthy inclusion. Timothy Lamer has a succinct and unusual way of addressing the spiritual implications of our culture's view of money, an aspect of our society that is so often opposed to God's intentions yet so often ignored by Christians.
-Peter Rosenberry; San Francisco, Calif.

We really appreciate the pointed cartoons in WORLD, especially those by Gary Varvel of The Indianapolis Star.
-Jake & Dot Scheeres; Orlando, Fla.

Just fiction

As a fan of Harry Potter, I was a bit bothered by "Hogwarts horror" (July 30). We cannot engage culture when we can't tell the difference between a fun fictional book and the promotion of sorcery.
-Jonathan Caspers; Lovettsville, Va.

I continue to be amazed at the church's ignorance and naïvete of the reality of sorcery in the United States today. As a veteran pastor and prison chaplain, I can testify that sorcery is not just fiction.
-Mark Winslow; Tucson, Ariz.


The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America had no official stand on same-sex unions when "Blessings and curses" (July 23, p. 22) was published; delegates to the denomination's annual convention in August subsequently defeated proposals to bless same-sex couples and ordain homosexual clergy.


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