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Issue: "Faith-based about-face," Aug. 27, 2005

Not so funny

I read your review of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right after seeing it ("Chocolate treat," July 30). I disagree that Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka was "reasonably convincing and often very funny." Gene Wilder's Wonka from the 1971 version seemed whimsically eccentric, but Mr. Depp's Wonka came across as somewhat feminine and even insane. The movie was also extremely dark; my younger siblings were frightened throughout the movie. Still, I loved how the movie brought out in the end the value of family.
-Chelsea Rankin, 15; Burlington, Conn.

Staying home

Timothy Lamer listed the cost of tickets and concessions, better TVs, and DVDs as reasons why fewer people attend the theater ("Exit signs," July 23). One that is even more significant, at least to my family and friends, is content. On your movie review page that week, only two had a low rating of "1" for sexual content, and only one had a "0" for language. When we can watch a movie without blushing or covering our ears, we may return to the theater.
-Eunice Chapman; Edmonds, Wash.

The last few times at the theater, my husband and I have had to sit through 20 minutes of ads even before the previews. If I am to be subjected to more and more advertising, I will go to the theater less and less.
-Patricia Frehafer; Spring Valley, Calif.

Too far

Warned of the attraction of the female priest to a married parishioner, but intrigued by what your reviewer described as "a taut, riveting read" ("Clerical mysteries," July 2/9), I picked up Crooked Heart at my library. I was utterly appalled to read the Episcopalian priest stating, "the first thing you need to know about the Bible is that there's a lot of [expletive] in it," and her notation that "the New Testament is full of anti-Semitism." I might be able to enjoy a book that has fallible humans as main characters, but I cannot abide a writer, wearing her clerical collar in the book-jacket photo, attacking the Word of God.
-Lisa A. Van Aken; Elverta, Calif.


The Discovery astronaut who performed the Aug. 3 spacewalk was Steve Robinson (The Buzz, Aug. 13); also, foam insulation had fallen off an external fuel tank on the space shuttle's July 26 takeoff (The Buzz, Aug. 6).


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