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Issue: "Beyond hate speech," Aug. 20, 2005

Heads up

I just read the article about attendance at movie theaters dropping but pre-movie advertising increasing ("Exit signs," July 23). What a great article. It gave me a "heads up" for what's coming.
-Spencer Morrison; Atlanta, Ga.

Allstate's stand

Regarding your report that Allstate fired an employee who wrote a column criticizing same-sex marriage in his local paper ("One choice fits all," July 16): I wrote my Allstate agent to say that I've appreciated the good service and rates but, unless she could refute this, "I cannot in good conscience continue to do business with Allstate, and will begin to look for other coverages." Sigh-now to address my Ford dealer.
-Dave Keesling; Woodland Park, Colo.

Relative results

Joel Belz is correct that our culture is "history deprived" ("Cultures have consequences," June 25). If our culture knew the historical results of relativism, would people be so eager to remove absolutes? In The Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn shows us how relativism led to a philosophy that justified killing tens of millions of people.
-Erik Pelttari; Minneapolis, Minn.

Why start?

Mark Bergin is concerned about the government denying funding for religious private schools ("Clanging symbols," July 16), but I question the wisdom of having the government fund religious schooling. Parents who want their children to have a better education with godly input should view it as worthy of personal sacrifice. Also, whenever you get the government involved in any activity, it eventually wants to make the rules. Why start down that road?
-Anthony R. Kopec; Eatonville, Wash.


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