'Beyond Belief'

"'Beyond Belief'" Continued...

Issue: "Superheroes strike again," Aug. 6, 2005

WORLD: Neither the DiOrio book nor the Spacey film refers to religion or faith as having played any role in Bobby Darin's life.

WALDEN: In the '40s Bobby sang in a church choir-it's my understanding that it was an Episcopal church-and he was approached by some of the priests. Nothing came of it, but it turned him off to any kind of religion. My sister Vee was with him a great deal at the end of his life, and he made no profession whatsoever of accepting Christ. If he had, that would've been the time to express it. That's the greatest tragedy.

WORLD: What did you say to Kevin Spacey when you met him at the film's premiere?

WALDEN: I said, "There's just one thing I need to tell you, Mr. Spacey. In the event that they make a movie about your life, I sincerely hope that your mother is portrayed as accurately-as lovingly-as my mother was portrayed on the screen." Basically, Kevin has my mother portrayed as a fat, unattractive, loud, common tramp, as someone that you would want no part of. Now, the killer was, and I realize that this was mean of me, that his mother, whom he was very close to, died in 2003. But my prayer at the time was to say something to him because he wasn't going to hear the truth from anybody else. And God answered my prayer.


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