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Issue: "Bob Geldof: Whose jubilee?," June 25, 2005

Same calling

Thank you for honoring those at West Point who have chosen "duty, honor, country" as their calling ("Choose the harder right," May 28). I entered West Point 30 years ago in the aftermath of Vietnam when we were needed in the "trenches" of cold war Europe. Ironically, we then wished that the academy would more closely resemble its civilian counterparts. Now, as its graduates march off to a real shooting war, I find myself wishing the opposite. The world has changed, but West Point's motto and commitment have not
-Thadd Buzan; Springfield, Va.

"Choose the harder right" was wonderful. My son is a USMA Class of '91 grad and I couldn't have said it better.
-Chuck Zehnder; Point Lookout, Mo.

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Thanks for moving the spotlight to our soldiers' sacrifice in Afghanistan ("Fallen soldiers in a forgotten war," May 28). They deserve our prayers and support, as do their comrades in Iraq.
-Joe Durham; Moline, Ill.

Gene Edward Veith's column regarding Providence and the ironic turns that bring people into our lives was of great interest to me ("She's getting married," May 28). I was so happy to see that my former administrative assistant, Joanna Veith (blog editor at WORLD), was engaged, electronically arranged by God's guiding hand through her parents. Miss Veith had introduced me to WORLD and thus to Mr. Olasky's great column in the same issue. As someone who served for 27 years as a Navy pilot and in Vietnam, thank you for honoring West Point grads who are willing to die for their country to protect all of us.
-Perry Martini; Annapolis, Md.

Solid motives

The proposed military installation closures ("Base motives," May 28) constitute a dangerous reduction in our defense infrastructure. The myopic bean-counters fail to see that, while terrorism may be our present enemy, there is no assurance that we will not need the ability to expand rapidly because of some other threat in 10 or 20 years. The opposition to the closings has much less to do with pork and more to do with concern about endangering the future of our country.
-Charles E. Frost Jr.; Houston, Texas

Just distractions

Andree Seu is right. When we start giving adoration to and meditating upon salt stains instead of our Lord, we have completely lost our focus ("Stain treatment," May 28). These supposed "images" of Mary found on underpasses, windows, sandwiches, etc., are just distractions. Christ is fully revealed in His Word for those who truly wish to find Him. Our preoccupation with these "images" shows our propensity to desire mysticism over revealed truth.
-Mark Smith; Omaha, Neb.

When we compare the actions of Victor Gonzalez, who smeared shoe polish over the salt stain, to Phinehas, we have completely lost the context. Mr. Olasky has elsewhere in WORLD reminded us that we Christians are not in "new" Israel but are aliens in Babylon. In Babylon we, like Paul on Mars Hill, preach but do not tear down others' altars.
-William Switzer; Fort Collins, Colo.

As a Catholic, I found "Stain treatment" offensive. While I am fully aware that some well-meaning Catholics go too far in Marian devotion, we seek the Saints' (including Mary's) prayers on our behalf just as we would ask for the prayers of a Christian on earth.
-Michael Matthews; Carrollton, Va.

The dark lie

Mr. Veith ("The fall of the Jedi," May 28) aptly describes the relativism of the Jedi knights as well as some of the negative reasons behind Anakin Skywalker's descent into the "dark side of the Force." This is all ancillary to the positive reason: a sincere and honorable desire to protect his wife. Unfortunately, Anakin, like Adam, believed a lie. The lesson: The angel in white is capable, through deception, of turning what might be perceived as good intentions into sin.
-George Moses; Dedham, Mass.

Jeans for the lost

I applaud Mr. Barreto's Christian entrepreneurship and heart for the lost ("Retail evangelism," May 28). I was so impressed, I went to his website and will buy clothes to support his "retail" ministry (I'm 52 but could use a pair of jeans). Better to spend $50 on a sweatshirt for Jesus than to spend it to support other retail stores whose philosophy (and money) supports abortion or homosexuality.
-Nelson Banuchi; Glendale, N.Y.

Eternal rewards

Regarding the supposed economic worth of a stay-at-home mom estimated at $131,471 annually ("Balance sheet," May 28): Ah, but the eternal rewards are far more valuable. Praise God and many thanks to my husband that I can stay at home.
-Susan Peisker; Cedar Park, Texas


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