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Issue: "Judicial filibuster deal," June 4, 2005

Winner's ways

Thank you for Gene Edward Veith's review of Lauren Winner's repentance and insightful observations on chastity ("Sexual healing," May 7). Not only has Mr. Veith provided excellent analysis, he has influenced the debate. A disturbing sign of the erosion of a biblical worldview among evangelicals is that the term evangelical must now be parsed. One wonders if there is any distinction to be made between a pagan and a "nontraditional evangelical" who is "less interested in church and doctrine" and for whom conversion does not involve repentance from sin to a biblical sexual ethic.
-Kris Nyhus; New Ulm, Minn.

For so long, we adult Christian teachers have assumed that children and youth somehow absorbed correct information about sexuality and the truth of "hands off until marriage." This just isn't so. The world pounds away at sexual "freedom" and the church has run scared at even the mention of sex. Ms. Winner's openness is refreshing and provides hope as we seek to help our youth find purity and strength.
-Twila Briscoe; Hollins, Va.

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Although the focus of "Sexual healing" was on Lauren Winner's journey from licentiousness to biblical morality, the part that struck me was her experience as a single in church. How sad that the church has become so focused on family that it has no vision for singles other than "I guess you can work in the nursery."
-Gayle Robinson; Raleigh, N.C.


Thank you for this excellent, sobering story on how abortion-clinic workers left Angele's born-alive son, Rowan, to die ("Rowan's story," May 7). It was particularly precious to my husband and me. In December we brought our baby girl home from the hospital. She weighed 3 lbs. 14 oz., but that was beefy compared to her weight when my water broke at 22 weeks. We were told in the ER that night that she would probably die. I was struck by the medical worker who asked of Rowan's mother, "She wants the baby to live?" That the question was even asked shows how far we've come as a society. Infanticide should have been the charge against those clinic workers, but it won't happen.
-Sheri Stehr; Claymont, Del.

I was deeply saddened by Rowan's tragic story. In His great mercy, God opened Angele's eyes to the truth. May He grant her a truly repentant heart and pour out His forgiveness and love.
-Julie Koiner; Edmond, Okla.

WORLD is always a welcome sight in our mailbag, but I wanted to drop a note of protest over the photo of Rowan in the funeral home. It was almost too graphic and there was no warning.
-Livija (Shannon) Boerema; Chapel Hill, N.C.


Krieg Barrie's John Bolton cover illustration was inspired and inspirational. Each time I see it and chuckle, I'm motivated to call, write, and e-mail senators. We do hope he will be confirmed.
-Trina Godsey; Walnut Creek, Calif.

Not forgotten

I appreciate that you continue to write about Terri Schiavo because those faces should not be forgotten ("Media malpractice," May 7). Judge George Greer, Michael Schiavo, and all involved in this putrid affair need to be kept in the public eye to make soggy minds start to work. The only hope I see is that folks may start to realize that, "Hey, that could be me or my daughter next." The truly shameful are those who had the power to do something and did nothing.
-Michael Inwards; Pelican Rapids, Minn.

As someone who felt Terri Schiavo should not have been put to death, I felt that "Media malpractice" failed. The families in this case had their stories paraded through the media enough. To ask for more inflammatory pictures for nonprofessionals to evaluate would have achieved absolutely nothing.
-Gary J. Westra; Wilmington, N.C.

No shock

As an Air Force wife who had the privilege of having Warren "Chappy" Watties as my pastor for over three years, I have to comment on "Attack formation" (May 7). While serving in the European theater, my husband and I were blessed to serve side by side with Chaplain Watties in various ministries. Never once in more than six years of knowing him have I ever seen him force the gospel on anyone. It comes as no shock to me to see him being persecuted for his faith by liberal Yale pluralists.
-Kristen Kolp; Cabot, Ark.

Feelin' beautiful

As usual, when the May 7 WORLD arrived, I read Andree Seu first ("Beauty at any price"). I am 55 and overweight, and that aging lady in the mirror has wrinkles and thinning hair. There's nothing I can do about the ravages of time. But I have a marriage of 30 years and sons and daughters who still enjoy my company. They all talk to me, touch me, and smile at me. I have a Lord who died for me while knowing how truly ugly I am. Inside, I feel beautiful.
-Pat Gray; Fredericksburg, Va.


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