Pluralistic Crusaders

"Pluralistic Crusaders" Continued...

Issue: "John Bolton: Take cover!," May 7, 2005

· Muslims again attacked Europe just as Martin Luther was opposing salvation by indulgences. The Ottoman Turks conquered Greece, the Balkans, and Hungary, and besieged Austria. The Pope declared a defensive crusade. Luther, despite the threat to Christendom, opposed it. "All the pope accomplishes with his crusading indulgences and his promises of heaven is to lead Christians with their lives into death and with their souls into hell," he wrote. The Holy Roman Emperor dared not act against Luther. He needed the evangelical princes to help him throw back the Turks.

· Ex-Crusaders brought back to Europe the language and literature of the Greeks. This led to the Renaissance, the rediscovery of the Greek New Testament, and the unleashing of God's Word.

-Gene Edward Veith

Jamie Dean
Jamie Dean

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