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Issue: "An evolving debate," May 21, 2005

Mom's best advice

I am a proud Marine mom ("Battle ready," April 23). Prayers of family and church and a strong work ethic got my son through Parris Island. Today, a year and a half later, David is serving in Iraq. Young Marines leave Parris Island knowing they are "the best" and they think that they are "bulletproof and invisible." We know differently. Life is fragile. My only advice to my battle-ready Marine is "be prepared to die." It is only through knowing that my son is saved and ready to meet the Lord that I have peace.
-Martha J. Parks; Princess Anne, Md.

People need to know who soldiers really are and what they go through in a time of war. Soldiers, when it comes down to it, are willing to sacrifice their lives for someone else to live. Is that not an act of humble service? We owe a lot more gratitude and sincere thanks to those willing to die for us.
-Collin Schuler; Silverdale, Wash.

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You quoted a young recruit speaking in the first person, but as a former Marine Reservist and graduate of Parris Island, I can tell you that there should be no such thing as "I, me, we, you" in a recruit's vocabulary. To err invites the recruit and often the whole platoon to do pushups and mountain climbers on the Quarterdeck, otherwise known as "Instructional PT." It's been 22 years and the memories are as vivid as if it were yesterday. Semper Fi, and may the Lord bless all Marines overseas.
-David E. Green; Avon, N.Y.

Fighting friends?

Regarding Gene Edward Veith's column ("The Catholic moment," April 23), John Paul II made great progress in emphasizing the unity of different forms of Christianity, but often at the expense of creating a subtle form of universalism. Protestants must remember, however, that until recently the Catholic Church made no distinction between Protestantism and Islam or Hinduism; outside Catholicism, there was no salvation. At Vatican II, Catholics recognized the possibility of salvation outside Catholicism. Once that logical door was opened, it was difficult to shut against even pagan religions. I hope that the new pope will affirm the salvation only of those who believe in Christ. Thanks for your fair and engaging treatment of the papacy in transition.
-Stephen Schuler; Golinda, Texas

Joel Belz rightly points out that cultural decline has caused Protestants and Catholics to come together to fight that decline, the Reformation notwithstanding ("Pros and cons," April 23). He also intimates that we are now allies. But Francis Schaeffer stated that we should not think of Catholics as allies but, at best, co-belligerents. That is a substantial difference.
-Thomas N. Burley; Alto, Mich.

I will not renew my treasured subscription to WORLD. As a Christian of the Catholic faith, I was dismayed by some recent columns. Mr. Veith wrote that Catholic churches are "full of liberal priests, feminist nuns, sex scandals," and nominal members. This is the most hyperbolic statement I have ever read in this magazine. Mr. Belz says evangelicals would love to see a pope who moves the church away from a focus on Mary and toward one on Jesus, but it could not be clearer to me, in the Church Catechism, that Jesus is our promise of salvation.
-Paul Bercier; Frisco, Texas

Duck soup

I was amused by the picture of the nesting duck outside the Treasury building in Washington (Quick Takes, April 23). But shouldn't the sign, which reads "Quite please," read either "Quite pleased" if the duck is pleased, or "Quiet please" if she wants no more noise?
-Anna Baltzer; Yucca Valley, Calif.

I hope officials at the U.S. Treasury can count better than they can spell.
-Patsy Brekke; Minneapolis, Minn.

A better place for that duck is in a frying pan with some vegetables.
-Isaac Van Wyck; Vergennes, Vt.

Good show

Thank you for reporting about how ultrasound is encouraging parents to keep their babies ("Moving pictures," April 23). I am encouraged whenever I read about the good being done on the major issues of our day.
-Obadiah Manley; Pasadena, Calif.

Proper restraint

I believe that Judge George Greer, who resigned from his church following controversy over his ruling in the Schiavo case ("Leaving the fold," April 23), would have chosen to restore Terri Schiavo's feeding tube if it was his decision to make. However, he cannot "legislate from the bench." Christians are up in arms about judicial activism, but when it's in our favor, it's OK?
-Bonnie Stewart; Cody, Wyo.


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