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Issue: "John Bolton: Take cover!," May 7, 2005

Ms. Beninato of I' ("No second thoughts," April 9) agrees that a fetus is alive, "but weeds are life and mold is life and bugs are life and we destroy those on a regular basis." Humans have been wrongly identified with the animal kingdom-now we are like weeds and mold and bugs?
-Sandra Jo Williams; Hermiston, Ore.

Wink and lie

Andree Seu quoted a pro-abortion activist who wondered how Democrats will soften their rhetoric while maintaining their "support for safe, accessible abortion" ("A rock and a hard place," April 9). They will wink at one constituent and lie to the other. The Democrats will tell NARAL, NOW, and Planned Parenthood not to worry about their rhetoric while they try to woo pro-lifers. After the election, it will be abortion as usual.
-David DiMartino; Prospect, Ky.

Hypocrisy rules

Thank you for describing the hypocrisy of religious tolerance in Jordan ("Apostasy rules," April 9). I had just received an e-mail from Samer's pastor asking for prayer for all Christians in Jordan as they seek to live peacefully with the authorities yet still be true to their faith. My friendship with another church member has given me and my family a window into the world of persecuted Christians and shown us that God is faithful to work out His purposes no matter the obstacles.
-Carolyn Dickinson; Palestine, Texas

Trumpet, please

The article about how few protesters there were with Terri Schiavo ("Turnout burnout," April 2) recalled the verse, "If the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?" We are very frustrated. We called and wrote elected officials, discussed the issue with friends and family, prayed and lost sleep, and watched our government sentence an innocent woman to death anyway. Why protest when nobody is listening? We need a clear call, a plan that works, something active to do or we will, as C.S. Lewis warned, get so used to feeling without acting that we never act.
-Ewan & Karen Tallentire; Littleton, Colo.


The King's College, founded in 1938, is not connected to Oxford University and does not allow its students to receive federally subsidized financial aid ("Conformity enforcers," April 16, p. 28).

The GOP senator from Rhode Island is Lincoln Chafee ("Showdown," April 23, p. 13).

Uwe Siemon-Netto is from Saxony and was recruited by Hitler Youth ("No panzerpapst," April 30, p. 23).


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