Winter Wardrobe

"Winter Wardrobe" Continued...

Issue: "Iraq: Unity in adversity," Feb. 12, 2005

According to Bob Beltz, Mr. Anschutz's former pastor who now serves as a liaison between Walden and its parent company, Mr. Anschutz conducted the negotiations with the Lewis estate himself, securing the rights to all seven books and the apparent enthusiasm of Lewis's family.

The years at Paramount produced several "bizarre" plans for adaptations, according to Mr. Beltz. "God was protecting [the books]," he says. Now the approach is different: In a sentiment echoed repeatedly throughout the Burbank event, Mr. Beltz said that there was a "tremendous commitment to keep the film faithful. . . . We view it as a sacred trust." Regarding the pivotal (and explicitly Christian in its imagery) scene in the book at the stone table, Mr. Beltz assured the audience that the scene was rendered "with exact faithfulness . . . what C.S. Lewis wrote appears on the screen."

Although the estate does not have approval over the final cut, they did approve the script. Douglas Gresham, C.S. Lewis's stepson, is in regular contact with the production, reviewing everything from casting decisions to costumes and special effects. "I haven't changed anything [significant] in the book," said Mr. Adamson, "certainly nothing without the consent of the estate."


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