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Issue: "Social Security breach," Feb. 19, 2005

Sympathetic eye

I found Mr. Coffin's review of Million Dollar Baby upsetting ("Taking a dive," Jan. 22). What those characters did was consistent with their characters. It's easy for us Christians to watch a film and play Spot That Sin, but can we sympathize with a sinner and think that, in that situation, I just might do the same thing?
-Thomas Torrey; Mount Vernon, N.Y.


I was shocked by Gene Edward Veith's column ("Our two towers," Jan. 15) that described America's left as essentially un-American-not by what he wrote, but that a journalist had the guts to write it. The people who cheer the death of their fellow American soldiers take their own freedom for granted.
-Angela Riddle; Maple Grove, Minn.

Truthful take

Hats off to John Piper ("Mercy for the living," Jan. 15). What a truthful and overlooked assessment of the disasters that occur on this globe.
-Melanie Recine; Baldwin, Md.


The comic depicting Europeans as snobs who only help themselves is, in my opinion, dead on (Quotables & 'Toons, Jan. 15). They like their freedom but do not care enough about giving others that same freedom.
-Josh Sullivan, 16; Vergennes, Vt.


The Supreme Court issued its Roe v. Wade decision on Jan. 22, 1973 (The Buzz, Jan. 22, p. 8).

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