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Issue: "Abortion: Delta force," Jan. 22, 2005

As an American living in Scotland, I am grateful for your news and editorials from a biblical perspective, but your statement that "Christ's teaching eventually led to the development of complementary roles for men and women" brought me up short. The roles for men and women were set up by God Himself in Genesis 2, before the Fall, and have always been complementary.
-Karen Reyburn; Airdrie, Scotland


Marc Davis's column, "Waiting for the Son" (Dec. 11), was excellent. It shows us that our true identity isn't in this world but in Christ.
-Tim Ross; Boise, Idaho

Desultory result

Upon first reading "The results of a dog going blind" (Nov. 20), we feared that we had missed the point-surely there was something more in this "Christian short story." A second reading proved even more confusing. We disagreed with all the judges' comments, except that it breaks out of the Christian "mold." If this is the pinnacle of Christian literature, we might as well stop now.
-Aaron Speer & Stephen Wirth; Columbia Falls & Whitefish, Mont.

Clarification and correction

Baseball star and admitted steroid user Ken Caminiti died of a drug overdose on Oct. 10, 2004 ("Imperfect game," Dec. 18).

The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2002 and 2004 ("NFL dynasty," Jan 1).

Judge Charles Pickering resigned last month from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ("Recess appointments," Jan. 1).


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