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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Year in Review 2004," Jan. 1, 2005

Happy and sad

I read your less than complimentary review of Christmas with the Kranks and almost passed on it ("Unhappy holiday," Dec. 4). Fortunately, my husband and friends talked me into going, and we saw one of the funniest, most delightful movies we've seen in a long time.
-Jane J. Smith; Kirkwood, Mo.

Mr. Coffin's review of National Treasure was so sad ("Guilty Treasure," Dec. 4). It was such a fun movie and it was so refreshing to see an incredibly positive view of our history.
-Carrie Kimball; Shreveport, La.

Child's play

Your story on Princeton philosopher Peter Singer was just another example of how low man can sink when he attempts to live a life apart from the wisdom of God ("Blue-State philosopher," Nov. 27). It is ironic that the horrific legacy of the Holocaust, which took the lives of Mr. Singer's grandparents, has not tempered his belief that a human life is worth only what man, not God, arbitrarily determines it to be. We can only hope that Mr. Singer may finally conclude that a philosophy that leaves God out of the discussion really is "intellectual child's play."
-Robert L. Gray; Bellingham, Wash.

Moms' witness

I took issue with Carla Barnhill's suggestion that we mothers are so absorbed serving our families that we fail to serve the larger kingdom of God ("Multifaceted moms," Nov. 27). I think mothers witness to the larger kingdom every day by the way we interact with our children in the grocery store, the library, and the mall.
-Laura Weimer; La Verne, Calif.


Paul's traveling companion in Acts 13-15 was Barnabas ("How early Christians lived," Dec. 11, p. 41).

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