Let the voting begin

"Let the voting begin" Continued...

Issue: "Abortion: Delta force," Jan. 22, 2005

Lead candidates: Ayad Allawi, current interim prime minister; Hussein Sadr (uncle of Shiite fanatic Muqtada Sadr); Nazzar Khaizaran, Sunni tribal chief; Qassim Daoud, current minister for national security.

The Iraqis, II (al-Iraqiya)

Mainly tribal leaders-Shiite and Sunni-support interim president Ghazi Yawer over Mr. Allawi.

Lead candidate: Current interim president Ghazi Yawer.

Iraqi Communist Party

The oldest Communist party in the Arab world, its slate holds 275 candidates, including 91 women.

Lead candidates: Party head Hamid Majid Moussa and Mufid Jaza'iri, the interim minister of culture.

The Iraqi Islamic Party

The Sunni-based list has issued repeated calls to boycott the election, submitted a slate of 275 candidates, then announced their withdrawal on Dec. 27.

Lead candidate: Muhsin Abd Hamid.


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