Climate change

"Climate change" Continued...

Issue: "Tsunami," Jan. 15, 2005

Is the pro-life cause winning? Jim Sedlak, president of Virginia-based American Life League's STOPP International, a small group focused solely on fighting Planned Parenthood, noted, "At colleges and high schools across the country, it is continually a source of encouragement that so many young people are unashamedly pro-life and . . . willing to stand up for what is right." It's a dramatic change, he said, from 20 years ago when the same age groups were buying into "choice" slogans and Planned Parenthood's sex-as-self-actualization rhetoric.

Clark Forsythe of Americans United for Life, which advises state lawmakers, argues that pro-lifers should not overreach politically by pushing all-out bans on abortion, but should instead continue crafting common-sense laws-such as those requiring parental notification and consent-already proven to reduce abortion.

He recently wrote, "At a time when Justice Department attorneys are desperately battling to . . . find a necessary fifth vote on the Supreme Court to uphold the federal restriction on partial-birth abortion, a ban on abortion is clearly doomed." He noted that since abortion forces would challenge and almost certainly win court battles on a ban, such legislation would only fill the pro-abortion coffers with attorneys fees and "do nothing more than fund the [American Civil Liberties Union] and Planned Parenthood, keeping them fully employed, paid by tax dollars for years."


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