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Issue: "Daniel of the Year 2004," Dec. 11, 2004

The God factor

I've heard a lot of talk about moral values as a major component in the election, but no one has mentioned the God factor ("Mandate," Nov. 13). A lot of people signed up early on to pray daily for President Bush after his first election, and probably quite a few more added their prayers during the recent contest. Dare we say out loud that God kept Mr. Bush in office, just as He made it happen the first time around?
-Eleanor K. Gustafson; Haverhill, Mass.

The real reason for the Kerry ticket's defeat is that their past actions spoke louder than their current words. Their platform was one of smoke and mirrors intended to veil a lack of qualification and a radically left-wing agenda. At the last, they lacked integrity and credibility, and America understood.
-Russell Church Burchard; Dawsonville, Ga.

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We live in a mostly Red neighborhood within a Blue county within a Red State. We spent much of October sharing fact sheets with 400 neighbors and found more than a few Bush supporters who didn't fit the media's stereotypes as poor-in-mind, anti-gay, anti-evolution, radical religious-right Bible thumpers. Many were cool toward the church, preferring an old-timey patriotism, view of family, and appreciation for Mr. Bush's character. It seems to us that many post-mortems, by both Blues and Reds, are painting with a wide brush.
-Elaine & Robert K. Morris; Atlanta, Ga.

It's the values

To John Kerry, the Democratic Party, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Moore,, Dan Rather, George Soros, and The New York Times: Take heed from the Nov. 2 election results. As Marvin Olasky explained ("We the people," Nov. 13), it's neither the economy, employment, nor the environment. It's the values.
-Michael Tsakalos; Timonium, Md.

I can boil down why the Democrats lost to one name: Margaret H. Marshall, chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, who arguably is primarily responsible for the 4-3 vote approving homosexual "marriage" in Massachusetts. If she had known that her vote would seal Sen. Kerry's fate, would she have swung to the other side?
-John Wickham; Derby, Kan.

Foolish sport

"Flunking kindergarten" (Nov. 13) was excellent, convicting us of our boastfully laughing about theft and deceit. As Proverbs says, "Doing wickedness is like sport to a fool; and so is wisdom to a man of understanding."
-Mark Chanski; Holland, Mich.

When I speak up in Christian groups on issues such as lying to get into a movie, no one tells me off (as has happened in restaurants and stores), but I can sense them shifting away from me. This is much more painful from brothers and sisters in the Lord, but it is always unpleasant. I vow I won't open my mouth again for such a thing. Some think I'm "holier than thou" or judgmental, but the truth is that some things are just wrong.
-Deb Ocasio; Union, N.J.

I am 72 years old. About 30 years ago I started being shocked at the language young boys and girls were using, and it has gotten worse. Did I tell them then that I didn't like it? No, but I should have. We will not correct this by wringing our hands but by letting people know these things are not appreciated.
-Larry J. Bourret; Laramie, Wyo.

The breathtaking irony in the Nov. 13 WORLD was that while Joel Belz led off with a vignette on the moral decay in middle-class America, much of the magazine was dedicated to the election victories of the "moral issues" vote.
-Ray Engel; Salem, Ore.

Sunday sin?

The claim by Dan Browne of Family Christian Bookstores, that opening on the Lord's Day is a ministry decision, is disingenuous ("Day of retail," Nov. 13). More likely they were losing business to Barnes & Noble and The Lord (to whom that day still belongs) said we can't serve God and mammon.
-David Hays; Grand Coteau, La.

I am surprised by FCB's decision to open on Sundays but more disappointed by the legalism among some Christians about the matter.
-Brett Wilson; Sugar Land, Texas

Mr. Moore referred to the biblical instruction to keep the Sabbath holy as "an Old Testament custom that later became a commandment." Yes, just like those other old "customs," like honoring parents and not committing murder.
-Shyla Welch; Norfolk, Va.

The Apostle Paul makes it very clear in Romans 14 that how we esteem a day is of little consequence. Since Christ removed the penalty of the law and called us unto godliness, how much more should we regard all seven days each week as opportunities to speak for Him?
-Jerry Lockhart; New Braunfels, Texas


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