'Evil teachings'

"'Evil teachings'" Continued...

Issue: "Rice: Starboard at State," Dec. 4, 2004

"It is clear that from the Chinese perspective, U.S. concerns regarding human-rights abuses should remain peripheral to improving ties on security and trade," Preeta Bansal, chairwoman of the independent U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, told a congressional panel on Nov. 18. "To acquiesce to this dichotomy would be shortsighted." More effective, she said, would be to integrate human-rights concerns into all policy discussions with the Chinese. And with two-way U.S.-China trade at more than $180 billion last year, giving businesses incentives to promote human rights could have a big impact.

The same week Mr. Fu released his Marxism document, Compass News reported that the Chinese government had issued three more internal directives in August. The first gave orders on how to discipline party officials who become Christians. The second barred involvement with any foreign religious group and ordered crackdowns on Christians in 11 coastal and central provinces. The third prohibited any religious observances on university campuses. "These documents are the implementation of the spirit of the atheist campaign," Mr. Fu said.

The growing suspicion that "Western" or "foreign" powers are using religion as a Trojan horse to sneak undue influence into China is hurting well-known evangelists such as Mr. Cai. China Aid says authorities found particularly troublesome his involvement in a house-church magazine called Love Feast because past issues featured photos of President George Bush along with written accounts of his faith and testimony. But if the president and many Americans are the standard for an "evil cult," then few Chinese Christians are safe from their own leaders.

'Fatuity and superstition'

Excerpts from the May 27 document, "Notice on Further Strengthening Marxist Atheism Research, Propaganda and Education," issued by the Communist Party of China:

"Facing the new task of reform, development and stability, the new demand of the people on spiritual and cultural life, the new situation on targeting the cultic organization of 'Falun Gong' and various pseudo-science and superstition, and the new trend toward Western hostile forces' attempt to 'westernize' and 'disintegrating' China in the name of religion, we need to further strengthen Marxist atheism research, propaganda and education."

"Attention shall be centered on the party cadres and juveniles. And relevant work shall be done persistently and incessantly, with an effort to create healthy social values, and good social environment, under which science and civilization are advocated, fatuity and superstition are opposed, and evil teachings and heterodox are boycotted."

"Aiming at the phenomenon of fatuity and superstition, which exists among some people, we shall strengthen the research, propaganda and education of natural science, particularly the basic knowledge about life, helping people understand the universe, the origin of life, the rule on human evolution, and correctly deal with various natural phenomena, natural disasters, birth, aging, disease and death."

"To publicize Marxist atheism, we shall positively use films, TV programs, books, electronic publications, and other things to people's taste, and firmly ban all illegal publications, which disseminate superstitions and evil teachings."

"We shall firmly implement the party's policy on freedom of religious belief, respect people's freedom to believe religion or not believe religion, and make distinction between religion and superstition."

-Translated by the China Aid Association


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