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Issue: "Iraq: Fallujah's fallen," Nov. 27, 2004

BUSINESS Officials at Kmart Holding Corp. and Sears, Roebuck and Co. announced on Nov. 17 that Kmart is acquiring Sears in an $11 billion deal. Retail analysts say the new company, named Sears Holding Corp., will have $55 billion in annual revenues and 3,500 outlets, making it the third-largest U.S. retailer behind Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Home Depot Inc. Some Kmart stores reportedly will take the Sears brand name.

TECH Microsoft's hot new video game, Halo 2, flew off store shelves and looked likely to top holiday-season sales charts. The game, rated "M" for mature audiences, features a genetically enhanced soldier, Master Chief, on a mission to save Earth from alien invaders. It netted $125 million in sales after one week. A companion game guide from Random House sold 270,000 copies its first day on the market, making it the publisher's biggest first-day seller since Bill Clinton's autobiography.


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