Poisoned Ivory

"Poisoned Ivory" Continued...

Issue: "Iraq: Fallujah's fallen," Nov. 27, 2004

Two days before leaving, however, they honored the roughly 80 French troops stationed on their campus who had lost nine comrades. School officials planned a dinner banquet, complete with tablecloths, flowers, and the best foods they could find in their homes. Guests of honor ate off paper plates. Academy director Daniel Grudda said it was "surreal" to have a banquet right before fleeing, but "we believe strongly in the idea that God wants us to serve others wherever we find ourselves."

Thousands of Ivorians have also fled into neighboring countries. West African civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone have traditionally engulfed neighboring countries. In Ivory Coast's violently changed world, Ivorians are in danger of treading the same path.


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