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Issue: "Iraq: Fallujah's fallen," Nov. 27, 2004

A little more talk

Thanks for Mr. Belz's insight into why we should confront evil in the world, and why we should have voted for President Bush ("We be bad," Oct. 30). A good number of Europeans would more or less agree with his three truths pertaining to foreign policy. But the difference between them and us is how we stand against evil. Rightly or wrongly, many around the globe find it very scary to watch the world's most powerful nation reach for its big guns when it sees something it doesn't like. Europeans have seen a lot of war on their own turf in the past several -hundred years, and they much prefer talk over military action.
-Lewis Codington; Sheffield, England


I heartily concur with Nancy Pearcey ("Tyranny of rationalism," Oct. 30) on the pitfalls of using "values" terminology. Our culture of tolerance does not understand the absolutes which make it necessary for us to condemn embryonic stem-cell research, abortion, and homosexuality even though those things do not externally affect us. They think the violation of our "values" only hurts our feelings, and we've just got to toughen up and keep that to ourselves. What they don't (or won't) understand is that there is far more on the line than our feelings.
-Lynn Swanbom; Stephenville, Texas

Attention, please

Thank you for Mr. Olasky's column on the Armenian genocide ("Prove Hitler wrong," Oct. 23). As an Armenian evangelical Christian, I am glad to see Americans paying more attention to this little-known tragedy. I hope that American Christians can push the U.S. government to recognize it properly.
-John K. Shamsey; Sarasota, Fla.


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