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Issue: "Iraq: Fallujah's fallen," Nov. 27, 2004


As we celebrate the results of the recent election, we should appreciate the Christian publications and dedicated pastors for their guidance on the issues before us ("Clinch time," Oct. 30). It is fantastic to see Christian leadership stand up and declare what is right. Now we must continue our efforts, paying attention to the upcoming session of Congress and making sure we are active in communicating with our congressional delegations to bring forth the desired results.
-David L. Driver; The Dalles, Ore.

Your Oct. 30 cover was one of your most-fun covers ever. The Mickey Mouse punch-out characters in Florida got me laughing several times. Thanks also for your excellent, thorough coverage in that issue, delivered in time for the election.
-Brian Schwartz; Nashville, Tenn.

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The election return results on were excellent. Occasionally I would check into the haze of what the networks were providing, but your constantly updated interactive map let me know exactly what percentage of the precincts had reported and the exact vote count. I watched this process on many sites and found the very best.
-Jim Soderberg; Sagle, Idaho

Bitter sweet

In the cool dawn of the day after I wonder: Which is sweeter, a mandate for marriage, the deserved support for our president, or the pink slip handed to Senate minority leader Tom Daschle?
-Stephen D. Lawton; Greenville, S.C.

Once upon a time, as a liberal Democrat and proud of it, I believed it was my duty as a citizen and as a nominal Catholic to reach compromises with those I disagreed with. With the outcome of this election, I have lost my desire to be conciliatory. Facts have been obfuscated, distorted, and outright lied about. I do not believe the Bush administration's policies are Christian or that he is a godly man. We will not work with you anymore. That time is past. We will fight you every inch of the way.
-Sally A. Helmerich; Sylmar, Calif.

This was the most important election in the baby boomers' lifetime and the most satisfying win. It was also a victory for responsible journalism and a defeat for irresponsible journalism, like too much of the mainstream media. This campaign reflected the most biased and spiteful rhetoric in mass media in our lifetime, both in America and Europe.
-Stephen W. Leonard; Vidalia, Ga.

Kudos to President Bush for his impressive victory. This was a stinging defeat for the radical liberalism that has sought to take control of America. Our prayers are with him as he seeks to lead our nation to victory in the war on terrorists and to bring us together in dealing with the challenges.
-Lee and Anita Troup; Strasburg, Pa.

Over the last few months, I've been discussing politics with a Christian friend. She was undecided going into this crazy election, but I was so proud of her for researching the issues and thinking through everything for herself. She had never voted before, but she voted for Mr. Bush. I appreciate WORLD for informing my views and keeping my mind sharp so I could confidently answer her questions.
-Anita Morrill; Des Moines, Iowa

Mengele bonds

The embryonic stem-cell research bonds authorized by California's Proposition 71 should be called "Mengele Bonds" in honor of Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi physician who carried out frequently fatal experiments upon unconsenting Jewish prisoners ("2004 vote: Referenda," Oct. 30). Where once Americans refused to use the results of his research because it was -unethical, we now do the same things. Let -California be consistent and honor that sociopath instead of self--righteously denouncing the Nazi-style utilitarianism it now practices.
-Paul Bade; Mankato, Minn.

College exam

I was disappointed in your report on Colorado's ballot initiative ("Electoral challenge," Oct. 30). Proportional representation in the electoral college reflects the will of the people as accurately as possible, and gives full voice to minorities which, unfortunately, we Christians are in America. Instead of discussing these virtues, however, the article implies that changing the Electoral College is a left-wing conspiracy and reports that proportional allocation would make presidential candidates ignore Colorado-never mind that the College currently leads the candidates to ignore all states except those where the polls are close.
-Rich Gaffin; APO, AE

Third and fourth

My prayer will ever be that more and more Christians (and Christian journalists) will develop enough spine to shed the "conservative" label in coming years, that they will abandon the agenda shared by both members of the bipartisan statist monopoly, and that the ranks of the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party will swell with informed voters who resolve not to let the rule of law and individual liberty take a back seat to party politics and hero worship ("November 2," Oct. 30).
-Tim Wallace; Houston, Texas


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