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Issue: "Bush's moral mandate," Nov. 13, 2004

Irreversible evidence

I really appreciate WORLD's coverage of the papers obtained by the Cybercast News Service that "established irreversible evidence" connecting Saddam's Baathist regime and Islamist groups that became al-Qaeda ("Terror connection," Oct. 16). I understand why the Democrats do not want this out because it gravely undercuts their position on the war. Similarly, I understand why mainstream media that support Mr. Kerry do not want to cover it. But why have I not seen more coverage from Fox and others?
-Robert P. Greenman; Madison, Ala.

Your article is a clear endorsement of President Bush and the war in Iraq. How convenient that it's right before a presidential election. I didn't realize that God was a Republican. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
-Michael Nahmias; East Windsor, N.J.

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Those documents put to rest the lie that Mr. Bush had no rationale for invading Iraq.
-Carolyn Dickinson; Palestine, Texas

For the life of me, I can't understand why everyone is ignoring this story, unless their desire for Mr. Kerry to win outweighs their desire for the truth and the desire for our safety. All I can say is thanks, and don't stop.
-Brenda Craig; San Antonio, Texas

Raw hatred

I come from a long line of Irish Democrats, but just what has Mr. Bush done to warrant such raw hatred? The rage and loathing against a man who has fought against tyrants and battled for freedom is simply mind-boggling. I agree that Mr. Bush is hated because he is a Christian ("Alien and stranger," Oct. 16).
-Cate Kennedy Marsden; Haverhill, Mass.

I cannot agree that Mr. Bush should be a role model of a clear and uncompromising Christian confession. He has participated in numerous interfaith "worship" services and spoken openly of Islam (which is leading millions of lost souls to hell) as a "religion of peace." The fact that Mr. Bush's faith is attracting so much fierce opposition is an indication of the depth of our culture's anti-Christian bigotry, not the consistency of his faith.
-Geoffrey Willour; Brick, N.J.

Please remove my name from your mailing list. I am opposed to anything that touts the "Christianity" of George Bush. If you imagine that his mean-spirited domestic policies or his inept handling of this ghastly war qualify him as a man of faith, then God have mercy on us all.
-R. Scott Lyons; San Francisco, Calif.

Dictate the peace

Neither candidate has any idea how to extricate our country from the Iraq trap (The Buzz, Oct. 16). Mr. Bush has his head in the sand and Mr. Kerry has his in a pile of vagaries. There is no such thing as "winning the peace." First one wins the war, then one dictates the terms of the peace.
-Art Schmid; Marlow, N.H.

Draft = slavery

Though I agree that a military draft is unlikely anytime soon, I strongly disagree with your contention that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with it ("Rough draft," Oct. 16). A military draft is forced servitude, i.e., slavery, and it cannot possibly be justly administered.
-David Hays; Grand Coteau, La.

Decline to dance

I read the review of Shall We Dance ("Too many steps," Oct. 16) with interest, because I won't be seeing it. Mr. Gere and Miss Sarandon have stated quite clearly how they view Christians and Republicans in particular, and I could not in good conscience give them my time and money.
-Mary Evans; Orlando, Fla.

Not even criminals

Even a murderer facing execution must be found guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt." The word of Terri Schiavo's husband that she would want to die is not convincing ("A good Catholic?" Oct. 9); how much more should the life of someone who has not even been accused of a crime be protected? We don't even execute criminals in this slow and painful manner, by depriving them of food and water.
-Barbara Higgins; Auburn, Calif.


Mr. Kerry as the Good Samaritan would go around the neighborhood and force everyone to give him money so he could hire someone to help the man-while keeping a nice salary for himself, of course ("Kerry's Samaritan," Oct. 9). For years, Democrats have told me Christians have to be Democrats because Jesus taught that we must help the poor. I have looked in vain for the passage where Jesus tells people to get Herod to set up a program to help the poor.
-Carolyn M. Watters; South Jordan, Utah

I read about Mr. Kerry's speaking engagement at the National Baptist Convention. It has long been common knowledge that many black churches use their pulpits for political endorsement of candidates. How do they manage to avoid the ire of the IRS? Is the IRS blind or suffering from selective vision?
-Eddie Gandy; High Springs, Fla.


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