Hooked on failure

"Hooked on failure" Continued...

Issue: "Post-party election blues?," Nov. 6, 2004

The other worrying document is the first draft of Uganda's National Condom Policy and Strategy from June 2003. According to the acknowledgments, CDC and USAID staff helped craft the document. Among its AIDS policy goals was the use of "condom focal persons" for each of Uganda's 56 districts, tasked with overseeing local condom distribution. The whole plan is detailed, offering multiple pipelines to supply free and low-cost condoms and ensuring that the condoms remain high-quality.

Murmurs from religious and other government leaders soon prompted AIDS officials to withhold final approval of the document. Local experts are now creating a parallel policy for abstinence and faithfulness, with input from the faith community and experts such as Mr. Green.

Despite a White House change in policy, the scale of President Bush's five-year emergency initiative is at odds with its intent. More AIDS-fighting money equals more of everything-including condoms and outmoded prevention schemes.


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