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Issue: "2004 Election: Countdown," Oct. 23, 2004

Hard buy

I was amazed at the article about how fashions are becoming more modest ("Cover up," Sept. 25). I think it is great. It is very hard to find any clothes in stores today that are modest at all.
-Kelsey Rollet, 15; Vergennes, Vt.

Was so

Regarding your comment that, for many, Hurricane Ivan was not "the catastrophe they had feared" (The Buzz, Sept. 25): We here on the east side of the Alabama/Florida border experienced the fury of a Category 3 storm with gusts (according to the power company) up to 185 miles per hour. I do not consider spending the night with those winds and driving rain, then waking up to find 40 trees down in our yard, a pleasant surprise.
-Treva Classen; Walnut Hill, Fla.

War is hard

The quote from Gen. Tommy Franks's book, American Soldier (Bestselling Books, Sept. 18), "If war were easy and convenient, there would be too many of them," brought to mind Gen. Robert E. Lee's comment when he viewed the carnage at the 1862 Battle of Fredericksburg: "It is well that war is so terrible-we should grow too fond of it." I am thankful for men like Gen. Franks who understand that war is carnage but who also, like Abraham Lincoln, know that liberty and justice and the rights of mankind are worth fighting for.
-Michael Westendorf; Piscataway, N.J.

Past imperfect

I do not know what Mr. Bush may or may not have done in his younger days, nor do I care ("Pivotal moments," Sept. 25). We must consider the recent actions and lifestyles of the candidates to determine the best leader for our nation.
-Matthew Parkinson, 17; Vergennes, Vt.

Still shining

As a graduate of Notre Dame ('56), I think "Tarnished dome" (Sept. 18) misses the boat on Irish football. The challenge is to win a 12th national championship while remaining independent of the major NCAA conferences, maintaining a graduation rate of over 80 percent among football players, and satisfying the dreams of NFL greatness many student athletes have. Hundreds of football players at other programs each year realize that they had the fun of playing football, but suddenly the fun is over and they walk away with neither an NFL contract nor a useable education.
-Charles Durand; Asheville, N.C.


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