Unscientific methods

"Unscientific methods" Continued...

Issue: "Education: Sick schools," Sept. 18, 2004

Then followed a series of what Mr. DeHart called "warning meetings." At one, a senior MPHS biology teacher pulled him aside: "I know who you are," the teacher said. "I'm a member of the National Center for Science Education and I've been asked to keep an eye on you. We'll have no teaching of Intelligent Design at this school."

Mr. DeHart taught for a year at MPHS, again earning top reviews from administrators and students. But, yearning for more academic freedom, he resigned from Marysville in 2002 and took a job in Southern California at Oaks Christian, about an hour north of Biola University, where his daughter would be attending college.

Headed into his third year at Oaks Christian, Mr. DeHart says he's "happy to be where I am. The Lord has blessed us." He remains active in defending Intelligent Design, but hasn't quite escaped his lightning-rod status: In May, Mr. DeHart was scheduled to debate origins on National Public Radio (NPR) with a pro-evolution biology teacher. Hours before the program, NPR canceled Mr. DeHart's appearance, but allowed the Darwinist teacher to speak unchecked.

"Certainly, this idea that science and education is this tolerant search for truth doesn't hold true from my experience," he says now. "You'd better toe the party line. If you speak out against the orthodoxy, [the party] is going to deal with you.'"

Lynn Vincent
Lynn Vincent

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