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Issue: "Education: Sick schools," Sept. 18, 2004

Walking the walk

I was so impressed with your article on Captain Michael Rainey and the Bravo Company in Iraq ("One hot night," Aug. 21). His attitude toward the Iraqi people is professional and admirable. As a Christian, he obviously walks the walk along with talking the talk. Thanks to Sherrlyn Borkgren for a positive report from that country, especially after all the very negative reporting from the liberal media.
-Bruce S. King; Hamilton, Mont.

Parties matter

I see a huge chasm between the two major parties ("Partial pivot," Aug. 21). To insist, as some do, that there is no real difference between them is slanderous. As the cultural battle rages, not to oppose John Kerry offends my conscience. Admittedly, some of George W. Bush's policy decisions may be unfortunate, but this is to be expected in a fallen society where compromise is necessary in governing. To criticize Mr. Bush's "pragmatism" is to miss the difficulties inherent in governing 290 million sinful Americans in an age of terrorism and public entitlements.
-Jack Blake; Wilmington, Del.

Keyes issues

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As an Illinois resident, I have been watching the Republicans' behavior in the Senate race with mixed feelings ("'Carpetbagger' vs. 'slaveholder,'" Aug. 21). I am concerned about Mr. Keyes's reputation because he did something that he previously denounced. But I am also delighted that I can wholeheartedly support Mr. Keyes's views.
-Amanda Pearson; Rockford, Ill.

Other Christians sometimes ask me why I bother supporting politicians with godly principles when "things are only getting worse anyway." Alan Keyes's answer was right on the money, that we should just "do the best we can and let God decide."
-Tiffany Gelpi; South Orange, N.J.

Abortion robs

Joel Belz's column on Social Security and the proposed choices for those who would rather invest their money in a savings account was noteworthy ("Ryan's hope," Aug. 21). It would be an interesting study to determine how much babies who have been aborted since 1973 would have contributed to the Social Security fund, making it more stable today. Abortion not only kills, it robs.
-Jane M. Vineyard; Duluth, Ga.

You'd think

I agree with Gene Edward Veith that Doc is a great show ("What the doctor orders," Aug. 21). You'd think more networks would see the success of Pax's family-values programs and follow suit.
-Matt Lorenzen; Gibson City, Ill.

Even our teenage sons crowd into the den with us and our younger children to watch Doc and Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye on Sunday night. Before discovering Pax, we watched no TV at all. We occasionally have had to turn off a Pax show, but on the rare occasion I'm subjected to the major networks, I can't watch 10 minutes without wanting to turn it off.
-Lesly McDevitt; Chandler, Ariz.

A losing battle?

I am disappointed that people are being distracted by these anti-Kerry attacks ("Summer offensive," Aug. 21). While all this back-and-forth is going on, the candidates are not discussing the real issues.
-Jonathan Wedge; Pensacola, Fla.

I commend you for pointing out issues with John Kerry's character, but WORLD shows character flaws for not clearly bringing to light issues with President Bush's character. Christians will fight a losing battle if we try to defend the character of this president and his administration.
-Joseph Poulshock; Inzai City, Japan

Just a lifestyle

Being Amish myself, I wanted to point out that our lifestyle is Amish, but our religion is Christianity ("Tempting the Amish," Aug. 14). Second, Rumspringa exists and some practice it, but it is not sanctioned by the church. The young people who participated in the show are not true examples of the Amish.
-Daryl M. Detweiler; Millersburg, Ohio

Peaceful Rivers

Your article on Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers was only part of the story ("Rivers dance," Aug. 21). You painted Mr. Rivers as a high-maintenance hold-out and Chargers general manager A.J. Smith as the victim. But the Chargers have a history of low-balling their draft picks and free agents-a major reason they went 4-12 last year and may do no better this campaign. Mr. Rivers is a talented winner and a faithful husband and father: hardly your average "high-maintenance" NFL player. Fortunately for all parties, they've reached a contract agreement. I hope Mr. Rivers will survive the beating San Diego quarterbacks endure.
-Tim Sizemore; Freehold, N.J.


This is really nit-picky, but you labeled a picture "Ultrasound image of a 12-week-old baby sucking its thumb" ("Hearts of stone," Aug. 7). The baby is actually sucking its wrist. I'm a doctor, and we sometimes find newborn babies with sucking blisters on the wrist.
-Ron Jones; Nevada, Mo.


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