Off track

"Off track" Continued...

Issue: "2004 Olympics Preview," Aug. 14, 2004

No one would have questioned Mr. Schwabe's devotion to his sport or the Army if he had simply stopped and allowed his body to fully recover. He said he continued to push his body not just for the sake of making the Olympics in 2004. He reasoned he owed it to the Army to make his best effort: "If I let up, then what does that say to my buddies [from West Point] who are putting their lives on the line every day?"

Now Mr. Schwabe says he'll focus on the 2008 Olympics: "You hear a lot of good comeback stories and it takes a lot of courage. There are a lot of comeback stories that take a little bit longer. I guess I'll be one of those-but I really wanted it to happen this year."


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