Blessed to be a blessing

"Blessed to be a blessing" Continued...

Issue: "Summer Books 2004," July 3, 2004

WORLD: Flannery O'Connor is a great Southern writer who writes about her faith. Her writing is violent and scathing, as well as being bitingly humorous and full of grace. Your writing, though, is kinder and gentler.

BL: I wish I had Flannery O'Connor's humor and bite and faith! She's my literary hero, because she pulled no punches whatsoever, and her stories, no matter how violent, always, always, always pointed toward Grace, the redemption available to we confused sinners who are convinced we don't need it.

But you're right-my fiction is kinder and gentler. I think this is because I don't see my role as a writer to be banging my readers over the head with a skillet-they get that from the present culture every waking minute of every day. My job is to let them look into the lives of people who have gone overlooked in all the hoopla-hoopla of this present world, and see the depth of love and sorrow and commitment and love these people have for each other and for God.

Gene Edward Veith
Gene Edward Veith


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