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Issue: "Iraq: The image war," May 22, 2004

As pro-gay forces pursue a unified course toward homosexual marriage, Christians and conservatives pushing for a marriage amendment struggle with which horse to back. Opponents of the most popular amendment say it undercuts Christian values and isn't worth supporting. Supporters say the Musgrave Federal Marriage Amendment gives pro-family advocates the best chance for victory. In the balance: Should traditionalists give up their opposition to gay civil unions in order to protect traditional marriage? (story, p. 23; debate pp. 24-25).

Technology Microsoft's newest moneymaking technique turns the software giant into half cop, half bail bondsman. To cut down on junk mail, the company will allow messages from legitimate marketers so long as they stray from spam and post a bond. If marketers break their deal and send Microsoft clients junk mail, the software company plans to just keep the bond money (story, p. 38).


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