POINT: Against the amendment

"POINT: Against the amendment" Continued...

Issue: "Iraq: The image war," May 22, 2004

The Musgrave FMA cannot possibly pass. As people are informed of its meaning, those most inclined to support an amendment will be the most alienated.

But let's assume that a miracle happens and Musgrave is ratified. What happens then?

States will face incredible pressure to enact civil unions. Same-sex couples will be made spouses in more and more states. They will have 100 percent of the legal rights of marriage. The grassroots that worked so hard to save marriage will ask, "Why did we do all of this work? We didn't save marriage."

If we urge citizens to save marriage, we need to be pushing a plan that saves marriage, not merely redefines it. No one will ever trust us again if we fail to get this one right.

-Mr. Farris is president of the Home School Legal Defense Association


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