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Issue: "Memorial Day 2004," May 29, 2004

Cross and Cuba

Thank you for "Why the long face?" (May 1). I was born in Cuba in 1963 and left the country in 1968. My parents brought us to Miami in search of a better way of life, one that did not include a dictatorship. The article was very true to life and I appreciate that you are getting the word out to the rest of America that things in Cuba are not as some in Hollywood may want to portray them. God is in control and I believe that many are coming to Christ because of the oppression in Cuba. The foolishness of the Cross will bring salvation to that country.

-Odalys Fabregas, Miami Lakes, Fla.

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The article about Castro's Cuba was right on. It made us want to make a trip down there with our suitcases full of milk and Tylenol. Our son-in-law left Cuba six months ago to start a new life in the United States. We are so thankful he got out. The stories of life there are sad. Do you know why they have such high literacy rates? It's because saying you can't read can get you thrown in jail. Without someone in the United States to send them money for food, some people are existing on a diet that will slowly starve them to death, and the "free" medical care is a joke. Thank you for honest reporting.

-Pat Bowser

Due West, S.C.

I was in Cuba for 18 days in March. With a retired Cuban Methodist bishop I experienced joyful worship and saw the amazing growth of the church. I was impressed with the clean streets of the towns and cities and the calm courage of people trying to lead normal lives in spite of difficulties. The U.S. embargo prohibits our country and other countries from shipping badly needed medicine

to Cuba.

-William R. Harvey

Canton, Ohio

I was so offended by the prominent picture of Fidel Castro that I removed it from your otherwise excellent magazine. Then I realized that my negative reaction was an excellent spur to prayer for the soul of this wicked man.

-Avice-Marie Griffin

Irvine, Calif.

Problem two

If an unchecked Executive branch is problem number one, then an unchecked Judicial branch is problem number two ("Supreme Court or Supreme Commander?" May 1). Where are the checks against judicial inventions, such as those that produced the "right" to abortion and the so-called separation of church and state?

-Matthew Sohr

Goldsboro, N.C.

Legal limbo

I am no member of the anti-war movement, but every particle of my being disapproves of detaining people at Guantanamo Bay without a right to a trial ("Peace talk," May 1). The government is hiding behind a legal technicality. Especially galling is Mr. Veith's statement that "Guantanamo terrorists are sunning themselves in Cuba, with seemingly little to fear from military tribunals." There are probably many terrorists among those detained in Cuba, but how do we know unless we try them? The idea that Guantanamo Bay is some kind of tropical resort, and that their existence in legal limbo is to their benefit, is an affront to every civilized person.

-Michel van der Hoek

Anoka, Minn.

Blind believers

Like Andree Seu, I have seen poverty from both sides ("Both sides of the coin," May 1). Those on the upper side are uncomprehending of just how much they have, and how much they waste, while those on the lower side are not as focused and productive as they could be with what they have. What troubles me most is how blind are my fellow believers to their wealth and waste.

-Brian Schwartz

Nashville, Tenn.

No doubt Christians should give more and would gain greater blessings if they did. However, the government dipping so deeply into our pockets does not help. Does anyone think that the government itself doesn't get a generous slice of the pie? Why any thinking person wants more government control is beyond me.

-Prudence Rumley

Sturtevant, Wis.

Disturbing book

Thank you for your brief review of The Da Vinci Code ("Best-selling books," May 1) and describing it as "profane." This book, with its intricate plot and author Brown's story-telling skills, is a very entertaining and disturbing book. Such stories can wear away at Judeo-Christian culture.

-Ruth Andrews

Hartsville, Tenn.

Right to meddle

I applaud Lynn Vincent for her reporting of the civil litigation against Cross Church in Fresno, Calif. ("Brother against brother," April 24). However, I disagree that the case "could set a precedent for government meddling in ecclesiastical matters." Civil government has been meddling in incorporated church affairs for decades. Cross Church is a California corporation and that which the State creates, the State may meddle with. Churches should carefully ponder whether the State's so-called "limited liability protection" really protects a church or becomes the means by which a church may be sued (and meddled with).


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