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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Iraq: The image war," May 22, 2004

-Russell Board

Saitama City, Japan

Enough tommyrot

Thank you for "All those in favor, say 'nay'" (April 17). Having written and lobbied as active citizens, we have repeatedly encountered this Pontius Pilate type of "logic" (and worse), as though it absolves the individual of complicity. When it comes to abortion, as with slavery, the "answer" is simple: Either one is an abolitionist, or one is not. Enough of this devilishly duplicitous tommyrot.

-John & Kristen Leonard

Pasadena, Md.

Their god is dead

I think the article about some Vietnamese worshipping dead whales is pretty funny and sad ("Blubber baal," April 17). Their mighty god appeared on the shore, dead. What kind of a god is that? You would think they would get the hint and recognize that their god is just a creature.

-Gerrit Gostiga

Vergennes, Vt.


King David asked Joab to number his army, as described in 2 Samuel 24 ("Hot friend cooling," May 8, p. 59).


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