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Issue: "Abortion: All the rage," May 8, 2004

The whole truth

I recently subscribed to WORLD, after weeks of reading it online, because of "Faithful reporting" (April 10) by Joel Belz. He described exactly what I want in a newsmagazine: a reasonable attempt at evenhanded reporting, tempered by what I'll call a born-again worldview. Only people who know the truth can accurately report it. And I'd like the whole truth. When George Bush drops the ball, or if Bill Clinton is right about something (hey, it could happen), let us know. We readers might even be mature enough

to sort it out for ourselves.

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-Paul Gray,

Austin, Texas

I appreciate your willingness to stay focused on the Word of God. Many people make the mistake of equating "conservative" and "Republican" to "Christian." Although faithful Christians tend to be conservative and Republican, we cannot blindly trust that they are in line with God's Word. We must be like the Bereans who "searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so."

-Kurt W. Cox

Juneau, Alaska

According to "Faithful reporting," the issues by which WORLD evaluates the presidential candidates are: defending the unborn, defending traditional marriage, government spending, judicial appointments, and maintaining a strong national defense. If we are to evaluate the candidates from a "biblical perspective," shouldn't we include "treatment of the poor" and "economic justice," or how about "stewardship of the environment"?

-Jeff Bursch

Shelton, Wash.

For decades, even generations, we have heard the adage "religion and politics don't mix." However, WORLD courageously deals with these topics and brings a balance based on God's Word that is sorely needed. Thank you for "thinking things through."

-Susan Blish

Yonkers, N.Y.

Get real

I am, according to my age, a member of Generation X and, according to "Keeping it real" (April 10), should be skeptical of the programmed church model that the previous generation of believers created. However, as a married mother of two young children, my desires for spiritual community and my practical needs as a parent naturally take a different shape than those of the single, 27-year-old guy. Real community and honest worship can and should be present in every body of believers, not just the churches of the young.

-Ashley Baxter

Atlanta, Ga.

Young evangelicals are facilitating churches built on relationships, not phony, slick programming. But with all the "realness" and "authenticity," where is the offensive message of the cross? As I have watched the development of this movement, I see the church becoming more worldly by the hour to "relate" to Gen-Xers. The scriptural idea of coming out and being separate is nowhere to be found.

-Athena Dean

Enumclaw, Wash.

Thanks for "Keeping it real." What an encouragement to hear of Christians who are taking God seriously and applying His Word to daily life. Now if only I could find such a church in my area.

-Lavena Fisette

Woodbine, Ga.


Although some may object to your expanded movie coverage ("News you should use," April 10), I commend you for encouraging Christians to engage the culture. We let an unbeliever get the Oscars for The Lord of the Rings, and will soon see unbelievers produce the Narnia story. I'm throwing a party when a Christian writer wins an Academy Award for his screenplay of Out of the Silent Planet and another when a Christian producer is hailed at the Sundance Film Festival for his edgy adaptation of Pilgrim's Progress. Until then, I'm reading WORLD's reviews and talking with my friends about movies and truth. Maybe someday my kid will be the one with an Oscar, like the bloody scalp of a giant, hanging from his fist.

-Katie Jett

Christianburg, Va.

I am thrilled that you are expanding your movie coverage. My husband and I own a three-screen, independent, first-run movie theater in a small midwestern town. Mostly we love the work, but this can be a hard business for Christians. Sometimes because of contract issues we have to play something we would rather not. We are more frustrated that, although a well-advertised movie like Toy Story will do very well, some of the best movies we show do not do well at the box office. We can lose money on a very good movie like The Basket. Perhaps your coverage will help people identify and attend the higher quality, family movies.

-Joelie Hicks

Milbank, S.D.

Our family loves WORLD, but how can we train our children not to defile themselves with the world when you give favorable ratings to movies whose reviews alone defile my Christian sensibilities?


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