The unfamiliar tournament

"The unfamiliar tournament" Continued...

Issue: "Darwin's meltdown," April 3, 2004

In election-year politics, nothing quite draws bipartisan ire like impurities in baseball. With pressure from the president, Congress, and the media, baseball commissioner Bud Selig wrote players union chief Donald Fehr asking him whether he'd support renegotiating the collective bargaining agreement to include stiffer sanctions against steroid users. Mr. Fehr, possibly feeling the wind of public opinion shift against him, said the union would keep its options open.

Still apparently trying to find monetary reward for his time as Alabama's head coach, Mike Price is now suing University of Alabama president Robert Witt. Mr. Price struck out with suits against Sports Illustrated for libel and UA for wrongful firing after visiting a strip club and waking up with a stranger who charged his credit card. Mr. Price never signed his contract.


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