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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Iraq: Liberation Day 2004," April 10, 2004

-- Scott Appelbaum, Baltimore, Md.

Putin's people

I liked the article on Russian President Putin and his ideas ("Putin's romp," March 13). I think Russia is going backward to the old way.

-- Petter Lund, 14, Cincinnati, Ohio

President Putin easily stayed in power after the election, but it is not only due to heavy-handedness or subversive tactics on his part. The Russian people sincerely like and support him and his style of leadership and government, as I have seen firsthand. They cannot cope with the chaotic form of democracy that ran wild under Boris Yeltsin and is closer to what we have in the United States.

-- Lewis Codington, Sheffield, England

Tape then edit

Maybe the Oscars were better than usual ("Lord of the Oscars," March 13) in some areas (no see-through dresses, no anti-war protests), but I was embarrassed by Billy Crystal's nude stint in the opening montage (mimicking a Diane Keaton movie scene). Since it was rated PG, my 11-year-old was watching the first half hour with me. Next time I'll know to tape and then edit.

-- Laraine Viss, Glenside, Pa.

Help wanted

Although new safe-staffing laws won't solve everything, they may help ("The nurse is out," March 13). As an RN, I know that nursing can be physically and emotionally gruelling. Many nurses would return to work if they could be in situations with adequate staff. Forced overtime can also drive nurses away.

-- Franklin Ferguson, Brookline, Mass.

Green ground

Thank you for "Natural allies" (March 6), which addressed how the Green Party and conservatives can find common ground. I am 13 years old, a radical, unashamed Christian, and I tend to be left-wing when it comes to labor unions, taxes, gun control, foreign affairs and, probably more than anything, the environment. At last I have been able to read your magazine with a release of angst.

-- Robert Sapunarich, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.


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