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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Darwin's meltdown," April 3, 2004

-Paul Bade

Mankato, Minn.

Our government's job is not to destroy or punish evil in other countries but to protect us from it and to punish it here.

-Matthew Deamer

Lynchburg, Va.

Thank you for Joel Belz's excellent column on George Kennan. Many people think that America should just &quotmind its own business," but we should be trying to stop the evil that is out there, and so save ourselves trouble by dealing with danger when it is easier to deal with.

-Andrew Payne

Gaston, Ore.

Judging Judas

Andrew Coffin's negative review of the ABC miniseries Judas (&quotPassionless dialogue," March 6) was underlined-literally-by the photo. In it Johnathon Schaech (Judas) wears a medallion with the Hebrew word for lord, adonai. The problem is that besides the Hebrew consonants it also has vowel markings, which didn't exist in Hebrew until the fifth century ad. If that's the kind of research done for the show's costumes, I can't imagine what the rest of it was like.

-Mike Miller

Eureka, Ill.

Mr. Coffin should put down his protest sign and let us watch Judas for ourselves. There were some really good scenes and dialogue in the movie that gave me a greater appreciation of Jesus and His work in our lives (represented by His bumbling disciples). If I take Mr. Coffin's advice (don't watch it), it's hard to connect with my neighbors.

-Bruce McCluggage

Goleta, Calif.

Concrete cesspool

It makes me see red to read how someone used his access to government agencies to bribe Ramon Carrasquillo into pouring the foundation for the Austin abortion clinic (&quotConcrete realities," March 6). I sincerely hope someone can dig to the bottom of this cesspool and bring to justice, or at least to the public eye, those who abuse their public trust in such a manner.

-Nick Jesch

Olympia, Wash.

Democracy abuse

That odor from rotting garbage in the streets, a thousand charcoal fires, and no sanitation system is the smell of a worldview that says, &quotLet every man do what seems right in his own eyes" (&quotNo more lip service," March 6). I saw my first coup d'etat within months of arriving in Haiti. I once asked some young men why they burn tires and block roads during national crises, hoping to show them they are only hurting their neighbors. One replied, &quotThis is democracy.... Democracy means that we can do what we want with no dictator over us. It means we can take from the rich people with no one stopping us." May God give us citizens, leaders, and judges who will refuse to abuse the democracy that God has so richly blessed us with. Otherwise, we will have our own version of thugs burning tires in the streets.

-Wayne Fowler

Blairsville, Ga.


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