Compromising positions

"Compromising positions" Continued...

Issue: "Iraq: Liberation Day 2004," April 10, 2004

Legal precedent says a state may deny full faith and credit if the state can show it has a good reason to do so. Massachusetts, for instance, would not be expected to recognize a concealed handgun permit issued in Texas. But legal precedent and popular support don't always secure court victories these days, and experts say gay-marriage cases stemming from Massachusetts could quickly clog judicial dockets all across the country.

Meanwhile, back in Boston, the political battles are still far from over. Ron Crews said he would try to make the issue cut back against some of the 72 legislators in the gay-rights coalition. "If we take down some legislators, that could really shake some things up," he said. "It wouldn't take many to send a signal."

For now, however, another kind of signal seems clear: Gay marriages have a green light in the Bay State, and it could take years to put the brakes on.


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