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Issue: "What is art?," March 20, 2004

In God we trust

Thank you for keeping us so well-informed on an immense range of issues, from presidential candidates ("Southern discomfort," Feb. 21) to intelligence agency malfunctions and the search for weapons of mass destruction ("Winning the war, losing the debate," Feb. 21). It is great to have a source whose contributors hold the same basic values we do. Although it can be discouraging to see those we thought would stand for truth wander from their goals, it helps to remember that some trust in presidents, and some in weapons, but we trust in the name of the Lord. -Molly Wyer, 16, Arroyo Grande, Calif.

Go Western

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The attacks on 9/11 forced President Bush to make decisions under pressure and become a tragic hero ("Western culture," Feb. 21). John Kerry might not identify with Western culture, but I thank God for our soldiers, cops, and the cowboy from Texas.

-Trace Wedel

Sonora, Calif.

As a dedicated fan of both President Bush and High Noon, I loved Marvin Olasky's column. It cemented in my mind that going to Iraq was the right thing to do because it removed a potential threat of weapons of mass destruction and ended the torture and horror of Saddam's regime.

-Jacob Baum

Telford, Pa.

When President Bush gave his UN speech in 2002, he had more going his way than Gary Cooper did, and at this point, the High Noon analogy starts to unravel. Chalking the resulting war up to decision-making in less than Edenic circumstances is avoiding the responsibility of trying to determine whether the war was or was not overreaching.

-Sam Reid

Issaquah, Wash.

It takes a real cowboy with a really good horse to stop a stampede. He has to get out in front of it to turn it, slow it down, and then stop it. America is stampeding mindlessly to the precipice. The ranch hands, hanging on the rail and drinking their cold coffee while watching the herd stampede to oblivion, all shout disparaging words at the real cowboy, President Bush, but they know he is risking everything for the herd, and so he is a better man than they. I hope there are a few more real cowboys out there.

-Howard Lewis Smith

Semmes, Ala.

Thanks to Mr. Olasky for "Western culture," in which he wished that my generation would not have to make tough choices, but knew that we would. I could be discouraged, but I am encouraged by the fact that he and so many others have faced these decisions and made wise, godly choices. I am willing to stand up against the odds and the world's culture and make the right decision even if it means hard consequences.

-Carmen Scott

Pembine, Wis.

Seeing and believing

Amen to "Passion's pilgrim" (Feb. 21). I have been in heated discussions with Christians arguing passionately both for and against this movie. You sum up my feelings totally: discomfort with such a visual (graven?) image, yet looking with hope in the glory of God that He might use for good both that intended for evil and that intended for good.

-Ursula Adrian Smith

Chesterfield, M0.

Mrs. Cheaney continues to cast a disparaging and puzzling shadow on God's ability to use film for His glory. It's a marvel that God can use any of us to communicate truth to others, and the fact that He does in a myriad of creative ways (including images) testifies to His awesome power.

-Matthew Kinne

Traverse City, Mich.

Here and there

Thank you again for your thought-provoking articles. Having just returned from the Middle East, I was struck by several items in recent issues of WORLD. The daily anti-American rhetoric in the newspapers over there is almost identical to the constant liberal verbiage here in the media and among those who would be our future president.

-Clay Nuttall

Winston-Salem, N.C.

Miracle delivery

Mr. Veith's comments regarding the sameness of most sports movies were right on, but there are those extraordinary exceptions ("Give me the old-time hockey, hold the malaise," Feb. 21). I almost didn't go see Miracle because I expected them to blow it. But was I wrong! Kurt Russell got me in the first five minutes of the film. I also appreciated the fact that the filmmakers didn't feel compelled to remind me that Coach Brooks had a sex life, or that athletes have a tendency to curse in the locker room.

-Ted Thomas

Portland, Ore.

No doubts

We find it distressing that Christians are willing to "elect" a pro-abortion, tax-raising liberal simply because they disagree with President Bush on certain issues ("Passion deficit," Feb. 21). This is what will happen if Christians stay home in November. Let's not squander what we have worked so long and so hard to attain: a Republican president and a Republican-led Congress and Senate.


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