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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Remaking the family," March 6, 2004

-Ed & Marcie Eubanks

St. Louis, Mo.

Space children

I believe much can be gained from exploring space, and perhaps even from travel to the other planets ("God & man on Mars," Jan. 24). But I am uneasy with NASA's naturalistic worldview that justifies much of their research on the basis of "the search for life" beyond Earth. Finding life is a pipe dream, and one that will be used to ram evolution down our children's throats even more vigorously.

-Rick Townsend

Colleyville, Texas

I completely support the president's plan for space exploration. It could reveal an order and supreme intelligence behind the creation of space. And I bet there are a lot of boys and girls just like me who would like to fly to the moon or maybe Mars. It is mankind's nature to explore.

-Jack D. Kinyon

Coopersburg, Pa.

Respecting readers

I appreciate how you let us readers in on your struggles ("A giant leap?" Feb. 7). You show great respect for your readers, unlike many mainstream publications. I sincerely hope you will be able to boost your subscription rate and gain the national recognition you deserve.

-Judy McDonald

Kendallville, Ind.

Joan's God spoke

I enjoyed "Joan's God shows up in prime time" (Jan. 24) about Joan of Arcadia. It sounds like it may be a decent show. However, you said that God "supposedly" spoke to the historical Joan of Arc. Why wouldn't God speak to her? You say that if someone wants to hear God's voice, he can read His Word. Good point, but Joan of Arc was illiterate and didn't have that option. So when God called her at the age of 13, He spoke to her, and she fulfilled God's purpose for her generation.

-Gayle Armstrong

Hardy, Ark.


Retired Army Col. Michael Smith is a former U.S. adviser to the Economic Community of West African States ("Peaceful preemption," Feb. 21, p. 27).


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