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Issue: "Remaking the family," March 6, 2004

World changer

Special thanks for your cover stories on Ronald Reagan ("Reagan: A photo essay," "Providential president," Feb. 7). While not a perfect president, he gave so much to the people of this country and the world. He survived an assassination attempt and, despite his many political opponents and press critics, served this country as president for eight years with great distinction. Guided by his faith in God and his love for freedom, he led the way to defeat Soviet Communism and build a stronger, more optimistic America. His leadership truly changed the world. -Robert L. Oberst, Syracuse, N.Y.

I have long felt that history will consider Ronald Reagan one of our greatest presidents, along with Washington and Lincoln. He brought us through the Cold War and gave us a sense of worth and mission at a time when our morale was at its lowest ebb since the Great Depression. I hope that his family, which is suffering with him now, knows that many recognize and appreciate what he did for all of us.

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-Orval Dean

Colbert, Wash.

Thank you for the tribute and articles regarding Ronald Reagan. I analyzed a Reagan speech for my high-school speech team, and your magazine was a great resource. I believe that he changed the American presidency because he was a man of integrity. May his legacy be long remembered.

-Anneliesse Nelson, 18

Roseau, Minn.

Paul Kengor's article makes clear how Ronald Reagan's ever-growing faith sustained him. Evidently, these values were not shared by the first lady, given her reliance on astrologers and the like.

-Walter H. Reading

Media, Pa.

Don't nit-pick

Thanks for Mr. Olasky's column, "Stay the course" (Jan. 31). I don't agree with President Bush on all things, particularly nonmilitary spending and illegal aliens, but I think he is by far the best choice. It concerns me how some Christians constantly nit-pick and never seem to point out all the good he has done on moral issues.

-Samuel D. High

Lonoke, Ark.

Glass half empty

I was saddened but not shocked to read that nearly half of America's pastors operate from a worldview that is not distinctly biblical ("Stray pastors," Feb. 7). I serve at a church that is Word-centered, but my interaction with pastoral resources suggests that this privilege is more and more the exception rather than the norm. To truly strengthen the church of Jesus Christ, we need to recapture biblical preaching and the long-term shepherding of God's people as the primary tasks of the pastor.

-Dave DeHaan

Lake in the Hills, Ill.

As a Catholic, I find it intriguing that "salvation is by grace alone" was on the list of core biblical beliefs in the Barna survey.

-Mike Simon

Eunice, La.

Micah's warnings to false prophets and "priests who teach for a price" were ringing in my head as I read "Stray pastors." How disturbing that so many pastors do not have a biblical worldview. The Lord always holds His leaders to a higher standard.

-Kathy Muir

Portland, Maine

I serve on my parish search committee, and the vast majority of applicants do not have a biblical worldview and are very liberal. Most of our committee members, however, are getting tired of me being concerned with only the applicants' theological views. May the Holy Spirit move throughout our seminaries today so that their graduates may know Jesus, and think like Him.

-Rob Kirschner

Lakeville, Mass.

Mr. Veith's column gave my 15-year-old daughter and me a good conversation starter on the way to church yesterday. We observed that, if the percentage of members holding a biblical worldview in our own local church was higher than the 7 percent to 9 percent Barna reported, other churches out there are even lower. Ouch.

-Paul Gebel

Columbia, S.C.

Another religion

Andree Seu put into words what many of us know but could not express, that secularism is a religion ("France's veil," Feb. 7).

-Ed Snowden

Stanton, Texas

Andree Seu is absolutely right that "the nation that stands for nothing will have to stand for something or be swallowed up." The sooner we stand up and declare America a Judeo-Christian nation, the better.

-Dan Treat

Chehalis, Wash.

Not dead yet

Regarding Kodak's decision to quit producing film cameras ("35mm negative," Jan. 31): Kodak, once the world's top producer of film cameras and innovative camera technology, has all but disappeared from the camera market in recent years. When Canon, Nikon, Minolta, or Pentax announces that it is discontinuing production of traditional film cameras, it may be a true sign of the coming end. Until then, film is strong.


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